• CADPI and RFI's Pre-paid Purchase Card Program: CADPI has officially launched the pre-paid card purchase program in partnership with RFI

    The CADPI-RFI Pre-paid Card Program has been officially launched and is now being used by employees to purchase meals at the CADPI Canteen and Cafe Central through a pre-funded pre-paid card. READ MORE

  • CADPI cares for its planters by providing them with mud press as organic fertilizer

    CADPI provides its planters with mud press which is utilized as a soil conditioner and organic fertilizer. This year, the planters have withdrawn 17,424 tons worth of mud press. READ MORE

  • World Bank funds community initiatives in La Carlota through carbon credits earned by Roxol

    The World Bank and Roxol signed an Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement (ERPA), which seeks to reduce air and water pollution, mitigate the impact of climate change and help address poverty in Negros Occidental. READ MORE

  • ROXOL environment, health and safety initiatives go on full blast

    Roxol completed its first full crop operation this year. It is becoming aggressive in its plans and measures towards sustainability. In the near future, it aims to increase its capacity to 150,000 liters per day from 100,000 liters per day. READ MORE

  • CADPI leads the industry with advanced equipment for quality analysis and sugar conditioning

    CADPI is leading the industry with an advanced sugar conditioning process. The fundamental element of the process is the inclusion of a special conditioning silo at the end of the refinery drying stage. READ MORE